If an ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure, then it certainly applies to your dental health. Getting the proper screenings and maintenance for your teeth and gums can allow you to enjoy your smile for a lifetime. Our dedicated, friendly staff of medical professionals want to help you keep your smile healthy.

From routine cleanings to advanced cancer screenings, Stillwater Dental is your leader in preventive dental care. Starting with routine and deep cleanings, our team will gently remove infection-causing bacteria between your teeth and at, or below, the gum line. For advanced gum disease and some oral health conditions a deep cleaning may be necessary, but both approaches will still offer a gentle and comfortable cleaning procedure.

What’s Included?

Cleanings at Stillwater Dental usually take about 30 minutes with one of our dedicated and wonderful hygienists,  and include an oral exam of your teeth and gums, any needed X-rays to check for new cavities or issues, a full cleaning, flossing, and deep polish, and a quick check-up visit with your dentist.

As oral cancer can be difficult to spot, we also recommend an oral cancer screening. Our doctors and hygienists utilize the latest oral cancer detection technology with the Velscope Oral Cancer Detection System. One of the most thorough and effective systems on the market, this handheld device detects abnormal, precancerous, or cancerous cells that might be missed by the naked eye. The screening only takes a few moments, is absolutely painless, and involves our team member simply shining a special light in your mouth that detects cancerous cells.

Patients in the Bangor and the Southern and Central Maine area can prevent a variety of oral health complications with simple screenings from a trained professional. Stillwater Dental is your leader in teeth maintenance, early detection of potential issues, and their treatment.

Need a cleaning? We invite you to Request an Appointment Online or call us today to schedule your appointment, at (207) 947 – 0717! As always, we look forward to serving your family’s dental needs! 

Our Services

We offer a wide array of services, including exams & cleanings by our experienced hygienists, impressions and mouth guards, and full surgical and non-surgical dental procedures.

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