Root Canals

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a procedure that is performed to repair a tooth from decay, as a result of poor hygiene or damage (a cracked tooth) or infection from an untreated cavity. During the root canal procedure, the area around the infection is numbed, the pulp and nerve of the tooth is removed, and the remaining tooth shell is sealed, filled, and then crowned.


  • Pain while chewing.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold foods.
  • Severe decay
  • Injury creating infection

Without treatment, the tooth may need to be completely removed, or the tissue surrounding the tooth can become infected and abscesses may form. The Doctors at Stillwater Dental are trained and capable of performing this treatment, though for atypical or difficult root canals you may be referred to a specialist. Root canal procedures are very common and have a high success rate when performed by capable doctors.

Root canal therapy relieves the symptoms of infected tooth pulp and the restoration can last a very long time! We hope you’ll contact us or make an appointment to speak with one of our doctors to determine your dental health needs.

Practice good oral health care and receive regular dental checkups to ensure the integrity of your teeth.

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