Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that serve as anchors for the attachment of replacement teeth, crowns, and dentures. They provide one of the best ways to structurally support the replication of your natural teeth and will help you get back your beautiful, natural smile.

Like all dental procedures, as each patients oral health and make up are different, your dentist may provide a variety of treatment options for your dental health needs, and implants may not be for everyone due to various factors, including gum and bone health. Your dentist will be happy to evaluate your candidacy for dental implants as well as other options, and will create a treatment plan with you to meet your needs, desires, and budget, and insurance.

In evaluating the applicability of implants in your specific case, the dentist will examine your teeth, gums, and jaw structure, and may take X-rays and CT scans to determine the viability of the procedure.

The Process

Dental implants require a series of appointments, which typically take about three to nine months for the entirety of the process to be completed.

During the process, surgery is required to place the implant in the jawbone, and in some cases, a series of implants can be joined together by a support bar, which provides security and stability for a full denture.

It may take up to six months for your bone to fuse with the implant, after which your dentist will attach connections to the implant to hold either a crown or dentures. We will take impressions of your teeth to aid in creating your replacement tooth or dentures, which will closely match the color of your natural teeth. Your crown or denture can then be installed and adjusted for fit.

Dental implants can last a lifetime with good oral care, and we will help create a maintenance program specifically for your needs.

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