Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is a full (whole mouth) or partial (a portion of teeth) denture inserted immediately following the removal of natural teeth.


The advantages of immediate dentures are a few:

First, they act as a protective barrier, almost like a Band-Aid, for the healing tissues of the mouth. Second, due to the immediate nature of the dentures, you will never need to spend any time without teeth in your mouth. This means that you will never have to appear in public without teeth, nor suffer any of the minor speech alterations that can happen as you learn to speak without teeth and then with them again, nor will you encounter eating or chewing difficulties while you wait for new dentures to be made.


The biggest disadvantage of immediate dentures is the increased cost. Another disadvantage is that you cannot directly see how the denture will look before the teeth are extracted and the immediate denture is inserted, as your natural teeth will still be in place. Additionally, an immediate denture does not always fit as accurately as a conventional denture, which is made after the tissues have healed for six to eight weeks following extractions.

The Process

There may be up to four visits necessary for the creation phase of the immediate denture, as well as any preliminary surgeries for extractions of natural teeth. For patients requiring a full immediate denture, the back teeth are often extracted six to eight weeks prior to the fabrication of the denture to allow the extraction sites to heal for better immediate complete denture fit and fabrication.

The fabrication phase consists of dental impressions, bite records, tooth selection (shape / color / etc) and fittings.

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