As the minerals in your body are naturally added and lost, one specifically greatly affects your teeth, and that’s fluoride. It occurs naturally in many foods and even your drinking water. As minerals are lost from your teeth due to acids (created by plaque, sugars, starches, etc) eating them away, fluoride can be redeposited onto the enamel of teeth to repair the enamel from tooth decay.

In young children, fluoride actually becomes developmentally linked into the permanent teeth, making it harder for acids to demineralize the enamel of the teeth over time. Fluoride helps recovery of the mineralization layer of the enamel, and thus helps fight the affects of acids over time.

At Stillwater Dental, we can apply fluoride to the teeth as a gel during treatments that contain a much higher level of fluoride than the amount found in toothpastes and mouth rinses.

Fluoride intake is most critical for infants and children between the ages of 6 months and 16 as this is the timeframe during which the primary and permanent teeth come in.

In addition, people with certain conditions may be at increased risk of tooth decay and would therefore benefit from additional fluoride treatment. They include people with:

  • Dry Mouth;
  • Gum Disease;
  • Frequent Cavity Suffers;
  • Those with crowns, bridges, braces, or other hardware.

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