New Patient Visit – Children

In your childs first visit to our office, our emphasis will be diagnostic evaluation of their dental health, what their current oral health status is, and what future work might need to be done. Then we can set up the necessary future appointments, give you estimates of what we anticipate the costs may be, what your insurance carrier may cover, and what copays you may have.

In this visit, you will first see the hygienist, who will take digital bitewing x-rays (we offer child-sized bitewings to fit their mouth or sometimes do not do x-rays on children younger than 4 or 5) to assess if there are any cavities present in areas unable to seen by a visual exam. They may also take a panoral x-ray, which provides a panoramic view of both upper and lower arches, including the tempero-mandibular joints. This enables them to assess what is going on below the gum line, including any abscesses, bone loss. periodontal disease, or impacted teeth, as well as an additional opportunity to check for cavities in teeth other than molars, to name just a few.

Finally, one of our doctors will meet with the your child to do a thorough examination. He or she will look at the x-rays with you, and examine the teeth and gums. The doctors will have the hygienist note any areas that need restorative services and then will collaborate with the patient on a treatment plan. During the treatment planning phase, the doctor will discuss the treatment options and make recommendations. Once the plan is agreed on, pre-estimates can be given and appointments can be set up. We also can help you apply for CareCredit or CitiHealth (please see our billing / insurances / and payment options page for more information).

Children’s New Patient Visits do include a cleaning and fluoride.

We look forward to meeting your family and assessing your oral health needs to help you reach your optimal dental health, so please call us today at (207) 947 – 0717 or Request an Appointment Online to set up your appointment!

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